“Snapshots from the Gourmet Japanese Fair at Mitsuwa Marketplace”
June 24, 2013.
 A report and photo gallery on the Mitsuwa Marketplace summer food fair.

“10 Vietnamese Dishes You Must Eat at Eden Center in Falls Church, VA”
February 26, 2013.
 A feature and photography piece on the foods of Eden Center, a massive shopping center that houses the greatest concentration of Vietnamese businesses on the eastern seaboard of the United States.

“Welcome to BrisketTown: How Dan Delaney Learned How to Make Brisket”
November 6, 2012.
 A profile on pit master and food entrepreneur Daniel Delaney. Part of the BBQ column “When Pigs Fly.”

“Behind the Scenes Tour of a Sugar Shack in Quebec”
October 23, 2012.
 A photography piece on the Quebecois business of maple farming, including the culture of “sugar shack parties” during the harvest season.

“Tortas Neza in Corona: Of Fútbol, Family, and Good Food”
April 11, 2012.
 A profile on Galdino Molinero, a local celebrity of a Mexican sandwich-maker in Queens, NY.

“Why You Should Become a Regular at Jodie’s in Albany, CA”
March 5, 2012.
 A feature on Jodie’s, a six-seat diner and local institution struggling to overcome the Department of Health’s ban on its fried chicken special.

“The Santa Maria Style of Barbecue: Open-Flame Grilling”
January 6, 2012.
 A feature on the Santa Maria style of barbecue, a style of wood-smoke grilling branded by California’s dual heritage.

“Chicago Barbecue: Rib Tips from Lem’s Bar-B-Q and Honey 1″
September 7, 2011.
 A feature on the aquarium-smoked rib tip, a barbecue specialty from the South Side of Chicago.

“The 2011 Big Apple BBQ Block Party: New York’s Annual Moment in Barbecue”
June 13, 2011.
 A report on the 2011 Big Apple BBQ Block Party in New York, NY.

“Have You Ever Tried Maryland Pit Beef?”
June 6, 2011.
 A feature on pit beef, a regional barbecue specialty in the state of Maryland.

“Grillin’ on the Bay in Brooklyn: Where Barbecue Gets Loose”
March 28, 2011.
 An event feature on Grillin’ on the Bay, a sanctioned but unconventional barbecue contest held every year in South Brooklyn.

“The Serious Eats Barbecue Style Guide”
February 24, 2011.
 An extensive guide to the regional barbecue styles of the United States.

“Becoming a Certified Barbecue Judge at the Kansas City Barbecue Society”
November 24, 2010.
 An in-depth report on the experience of being a sanctioned judge at the world’s most prestigious competitive barbecue event.

“The Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue in Lynchburg, TN”
October 29, 1010.
 A feature on the history and economics of the world’s most prestigious competitive barbecue event.

“The Mustard Belt of South Carolina Barbecue: Shealy’s, Jackie Hite’s and Sweatman’s”
October 8, 2010.
 A feature on mustard-sauced, whole hog barbecue, a regional specialty in South Carolina.

“What’s So Great About North Carolina Barbecue? An Exam of the Lexington Style”
September 9, 2012.
 A feature on the regional barbecue of the Lexington region, and its demonstration of “terroir” as a dimension of food.

“What Are Burnt Ends? And Why Are They So Delicious?”
August 4, 2010.
 A feature on Kansas City-style burnt ends, a classic dish in Midwestern barbecue.

“How to Make Barbecue Beef Brisket That Doesn’t Suck”
July 21, 2010.
 A feature on the difficulty of smoking beef briskets.

“Barbecue: A Word With Many Roots”
June 23, 2010.
 A column on the etymology of the word “barbecue.”

“There Are Cheese Breads I Remember.”
May 28, 2013.
 A guide to khachapuri, the national dish of Georgia which has become an increasingly common sight in South Brooklyn.

“Neveria Again”
December 9, 2011.
 A feature story on one of California’s roadside gems: A Mexican ice cream parlor in Santa Maria.

April 26, 2011.
 Musing on the significance of New York’s “fancy doughnut” purveyors.

“Heart Shaped Burger Box”
February 15, 2011.
 Why spending Valentine’s Day at White Castle is more fulfilling than one might suppose.

“The Jackson Heights Food Group: A Meal With My Favorite Neighbors”
July 27, 2010.
 The story of the Jackson Heights Food Group’s last meal — and the food blogger who willed this circle of friends into existence.

“Through Malt-Colored Glasses: A Glimpse into New York’s Home Brewer Scene”
June 1, 2010.
 Exploring the culture of New York’s home brewing community.

June 23, 2009.
 A traveler’s introduction to Budapest’s most renowned street-side dish.

“The Chaat Man”
March 12, 2009.
 A memory of the snack vendor whose cooking anchored three weeks of eating in Lucknow, India.