Ducks Eatery – East Village, Manhattan
February, 2013.
 A short-form review of Ducks Eatery, a fusion restaurant serving barbecue and Southeast Asian dishes in the heart of the East Village.

Mie Jakarta – Elmhurst, Queens
February, 2013.
 A short-form review of Mie Jakarta, a casual restaurant serving Indonesian comfort foods.

Uncle Zhou – Elmhurst, Queens
August, 2012.
 A short-form review of Uncle Zhou, a casual restaurant serving a variety of handmade noodles and family-style dishes originating in Henan, China.

Tortas Neza – Corona, Queens
May, 2012.
 A short-form review of Tortas Neza, a sandwich and taco truck serving Queens in honor of the various soccer teams of Mexico.

Pirosmani – Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
December, 2012.
 A short-form review of Pirosmani, a South Brooklyn restaurant specializing in the rustic breads and dinner fare of Georgian cuisine (and Russian karaoke).

John Brown Smokehouse – Astoria, Queens
November, 2011.
 A short-form review of John Brown Smokehouse, a casual restaurant specializing in Kansas City-style barbecue.

“A Sandwich a Day: Prosciutto and Fresh Mozzarella at The Italian Store in Arlington, VA”
March 28, 2013.
 A short-form review of a local outpost for Italian provisions, specializing in hearty, Philadelphia-style sandwiches.

“A Sandwich a Day: ‘Classic Special’ Bánh Mì at Mr. Baguette in Rosemead, CA”
October 18, 2012.
 A short-form review of a Vietnamese sandwich shop and bakery in San Gabriel Valley.

“College Tours: Where to Eat Near U.C. Berkeley”
September 18, 2012.
 An extensive guide to dining destinations and dining culture in the city of Berkeley, CA.

“Don’t Leave Chicago Without Eating: Goat from Birrieria Zaragoza”
November 25, 2011.
 A profile and review of Birrieria Zaragoza, a family-run restaurant specializing in a single dish hailing from Jalisco, Mexico.

“Chicago: Uncle John’s Aquarium-Soaked Ribs”
August 16, 2011.
 A review of Uncle John’s, a barbecue restaurant in the South Side tradition.

“A Sandwich a Day: The Original Al’s #1 Italian Beef Combo in Chicago”
August 22, 2011.
 A short-form review of a sacred sandwich near the University of Illinois in Chicago.

“Scott’s Bar-B-Q in Hemingway, South Carolina”
October 15, 20120.
 A profile and review of Scott’s, an intensely local whole-hog barbecue business in rural South Carolina

Uncle Barry’s – Park Slope, Brooklyn
June 6, 2012.
 A review of Uncle Barry’s, a Park Slope bar with a Mortal Kombat II arcade machine.

“Eight Meals in the City of Hungry Angels”
October 9, 2012.
 A whirlwind tour of some of Los Angeles’ hidden gems for adventurous dining.

“Single Serving: Morir Soñando at Reben Luncheonette in Williamsburg, Brooklyn”
September 13, 2012.
 A short-form review of a classic beverage, at a classic diner, in a neighborhood where very little is classic.

“I Will Find a City, Find Myself a City to Eat Chinese Food In”
September 26, 2012.
 An appetite-driven examination of the city of Toronto.

“Hand-Pulled Hit Parade”
November 21, 2011.
 A review of Uncle Zhou, an accomplished Henanese restaurant in Elmhurst, Queens.

“Setting Foot on Harlem’s Ivory Coast”
November 2, 2011.
 Recounting one’s first encounter with French-influenced West African cuisine, at a now-closed hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Harlem...