Thanks for taking an interest in my next social impact film!

This documentary film follows an eccentric scholar racing against time, climate, and economics to protect irreplaceable pieces of India's cultural heritage. By tracking this journey through an overlooked cross-section of India, the story offers a unique lens into history and shows the world how culture is erased in our globalized civilization.

With the support of IFP, I'm raising $15,000 in (U.S. tax-deductible) donations to complete a documentary short that can be used to pitch for major non-profit grants (and can be released on its own, while the full-length picture is being completed). I've been developing this story for 3 months and have already personally invested $5,000 in it. My test footage has garnered  praise from my network of seasoned advisers, so I'm now preparing to follow my subject to India, where I'm collaborating with an Indian producer. We need these funds to deliver the short piece and build the foundation for a truly great film.

I'll be eager to speak with anyone who wants to hear the full story, call attention to an issue that's particularly damaging to the developing world, and become a part of documentary cinema by funding this critical stage of production. Here's why I'm the right person to invest in:

  • I am a first-generation Asian American dedicated to building inclusive teams behind the camera and creating opportunity for under-served talent wherever possible (in this case, rising female filmmakers in India).

You can see other examples of my documentary work here. Please let me know if there's anyone I should meet, or if you'd like to schedule a call to hear all the details yourself. Thanks again for your time!

James Boo,
Producer and Director