"Going Whole Hog: The Barbecue Journey of Tyson Ho," published on Serious Eats, is a profile on Tyson Ho -- a Queens-based entrepreneur who transformed from a financial research manager to self-branded "Arrogant Swine" for the love of pork. 

When asked what kind of cigar he prefers, Tyson Ho takes a puff and replies, ‘Free.’

It’s a straightforward answer from a straightforward man. Ho has transformed himself from a financial research manager to a whole hog barbecue pit master in just a few years. He still has the day job, which isn’t any help to anyone who’s about to spend the next 14 hours watching over a 200-pound hog. None of this—the sold-out guest list, the stacked demands of a full-time job, family life, and a summer series of serious barbecues— phases Ho. The name of his pit crew is ‘Arrogant Swine,’ but as far as cooks go, this one is anything but.